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If the Beatles were right and all we needed was love, then the world would be a much better place wouldn’t it? We’ve got love all over the place – in bars, in movies, in songs, in books and magazines – and yet the world often seems more miserable than ever and people seemed less fulfilled and loved then ever. Let’s face it, it takes a love vacuum to make “50 Shades of Grey” a bestseller, right? So the key isn’t to love more or love better. The key is to LOVE LIKE JESUS. Join us for a 4 part study in 1 John to learn exactly how that can be done.

October 27, 2013

It's so easy to push through to whatever we think "should" come next when we study a book, a passage or a concept. But so much of what happens in life is UNexpected, UNscripted and UNcomfortable. And when you really stop to think about it, those were the times when what we learned became UNdeniable.
What does that look like in a church setting? Where everything can seem to be so UNchanging? Well, we don't really know, and so the UNseries is a chance for us to UNplug, UNwind and try to UNderstand what God speaks to us and through us - ALL of us - when we are willing to give him room to.
So, the one thing that these messages will have in common is that they will feature a lot of UN words and they won't really fit with any kind of theme. The UNseries will be a series of things that aren't really a series. It's the anti-series and it may be the most UNforgettable non-series we'll ever do.