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The Bog Give total amount
You can donate to The Big Give until Dec. 15, so we’ll keep counting until then. 🙂


Jesus only highlighted two offerings…

The first was a single woman who had come to value Jesus so much that she WILLINGLY poured oil on his head that was the equivalent of an ENTIRE YEAR’S EARNINGS. You can read about it yourself in Matthew 26:6-13. For the average family in America, that means she put 50 grand in the offering plate.

The second was a widow who put in 2 small coins. A small amount, Jesus said in Mark 12:44, but a BIG GIVE.

THE BIG GIVE isn’t about trying to convince you to give a huge amount of money, but to help all of see that it is our response to the fact that most of us – even those of us in a tight financial condition like that widow – can choose to GIVE BIG, which simply means that we’re going to Give Believing In God. THE BIG GIVE isn’t about big checks, but a simple once-a-year gift of $25.00 per person that we give because we believe that God and his kingdom are worth it.

On Sunday, December 3, 2023, we’ll collect a special offering in our service that will allow us to pay power bills for families who may otherwise have to choose between paying it or enjoying the holidays through gifts and food.

If you’d rather not wait until then, you’re more than welcome to donate online now. We’ll be receiving donations until December 15, 2023.

The bigger THE BIG GIVE is, the more we can help! You can bring your offering on December 3rd, or give securely online now.

At a glance...

Since 2014, we’ve invested over $51,000 in the Kingdom through your support of families and non-profits!

When we all give some, it adds up to a lot! We suggest $25/person.

If you know a family who would benefit from having a power bill paid through The Big Give, follow this link to nominate them.

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