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Week 9 // Fully exTENded [March 3, 2013 // Paul Jenkins]

Week 9 // Fully exTENded [March 3, 2013 // Paul Jenkins]

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The Big Idea: We reach for what we value.

Resources mentioned in this week’s teaching…

Spoken Word from Tim Liske

He Lights My Lamp – The poem read by Randy Honeycutt at the end

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An extended life is one that reaches as far as it can toward God and man. #ten

When we are fully extended for Jesus, we are at our most productive and our most vulnerable. #ten

Am I living my life in such a way that I’m giving God something to protect? Proverbs 2:8 #ten

We reach for what we value. #ten

When our lives are extended, we will be burdened for the very things that cause us to feel the pain of the burden. #ten

If we’re not carrying a burden for the world, we’re not walking with the Jesus who came to save it. #ten

Discernment helps us see the WHY behind the WHAT in the situations we face. #ten

Having discernment allows us to replace our assumptions with awareness. #ten

An extended life can endure difficulties because it has the discernment to see beyond them. #ten

When we live extended, we have the discipline to say no to good things in order to say yes to greater things. #ten

When we live lives extended toward God and others because of our passion for God and others, we will attract God and others. #ten

When we go all in, we draw others all in, too. #ten

It’s not me and Jesus against the world. It’s me and Jesus for the world. #ten

Saved hearts serve. #ten

We are called to extend our lives up and out in service to our King and the souls he brings into his kingdom. #ten

10 minutes, 10 percent, 10 nights, and 10 conversations in 10 weeks? The 10 Series @theGatheringnow. #ten