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Some of the best stories seem unbelievable, but when investigated they become undeniable! Things like a man being born of a virgin and saving the world by dying on a cross and then walking out of a tomb 3 days later. Those are just some of the stories that Luke investigated for a rich dude named Theophilus and wrote down in the book of the Bible we call the Gospel of Luke!

Know what else is undeniable? The church!! And while a crazy Winter Storm named Jonas may have kept the church from worshipping TOGETHER, nothing will ever keep the church from WORSHIPPING, because WE ARE THE CHURCH!!

So, this morning we'll sip coffee and sing and learn from the Bible just like we always do. The only difference is that today, we're experiencing #ChurchFromHome (and, quite possibly, #ChurchInPajamaPants).


One of the things we LOVE to do when we are together at The Gathering is worship, and, well, the LOUDER THE BETTER! Even though we aren't together physically, guess what? God is still on the throne and we can still worship! So, crank up the volume and sing along with this set list of some of our faves!!


Right now we're in week 9 of our #TrueStory series in the Gospel of Luke, and instead of preaching to an empty room and a video camera as if it were a full room and you, I thought I'd just share some quick notes hitting the highlights and then let you dig through the full outline and growth guide questions on your own, as a family, or in your Community Groups later this week.

The Big Idea: TEMPTATION only works if TRANSFORMATION isn't happening.

In the first part of Luke 4, we find the story of Jesus being tempted, and if there's one thing we can ALL relate to, it's temptation. We know that Jesus didn't give in to the temptations he faced, but so many times we do. My guess is that we cave because we don't think we can stand, but the reality is this, we're a lot less willing to give in to temptation when we can see the positive benefits of NOT giving in.

All it takes to recognixe the power of this week's Big Idea is the life of anyone who is trying to transform themselves physically. Are they tempted to eat a donut? Candy? An entire pizza during the NFC Championship game? Of course they are! Temptation happens to everyone. But why will they say no? Because temptation only works if transformation isn't happening. One look at the "new" person in the mirror is all they need to be able to say no. It's the same spiritually, and that's what we learn this week from Luke 4:1-13.

Here are some social media highlights from this week's message. Simply copy and paste them into your Twitter and/or Facebook feed.

TEMPTATION only works if TRANSFORMATION isn't happening. #TrueStory #SnowStory

Temptation isn't the issue. Our RESPONSE to temptation is the issue. #TrueStory #SnowStory

We've got to be FULL OF THE SPIRIT if we're going to be LED BY THE SPIRIT. #TrueStory #SnowStory

Sometimes we get full of the wrong things and have no room for the Spirit. #TrueStory #SnowStory

Fill yourself with the Spirit through encouraging fellowship, passionate worship, and a thankful attitude. #TrueStory #SnowStory

God doesn't lead us into TEMPTATION from evil, but he does lead us into CONFRONTATION with evil. #TrueStory #SnowStory

Satan had the audacity to tempt Jesus, so don't be surprised when he tempts you. Instead, be ready. #TrueStory #SnowStory

God can turn the places of greatest TEMPTATION into the places of greatest TRANSFORMATION. #TrueStory #SnowStory

Satan uses temptation to TRIP US UP, but God uses temptation to BUILD US UP. #TrueStory #SnowStory

Resisting TEMPTATION turns the desert from a place of ISOLATION into a place of TRANSFORMATION. #TrueStory #SnowStory

We may be tempted in the desert, but we'll be changed when we leave the desert. #TrueStory #SnowStory

GOOD THINGS become BAD THINGS when they remove GOD as Lord of EVERYTHING. #TrueStory #SnowStory

Satan never tempts us with the truth; he tempts us with our PREFERRED truth. #TrueStory #SnowStory

The ultimate test in any temptation is, "Who will be on the throne of my life if I say yes?" #TrueStory #SnowStory