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We love worship, and we believe worship goes way beyond just good music. In fact, if good music was all we needed, we'd be better off going to the next concert down at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre.

But that's not what worship is all about. Worship is the song of one body, one heart, onevoice. It is the collective sound of many people with many stories coming together to bow before the one God Who has redeemed them through one sacrifice on one cross, and when that happens, the onevoice that rises has a frequency that goes well beyond iPods and MP3 players. The sound is like thunder and mighty waterfalls (Rev. 19:6).

At The Gathering, we value passionate worship and expect His presence to overwhelm us with awe of Him and acceptance by Him.

Worship can happen with or without music, but it can't happen corporately without hearts being unified in gratitude to God for His saving presence in our lives.

Practically speaking, it's tough to have onevoice when not every voice knows the songs being sung, and so this page will always have a playlist that allows every partner at The Gathering to worship in song throughout the week before we ever come together for our week-end worship experiences.

You prepare your voice, and others will prepare theirs, and together, we'll raise a sound that will shake the very pillars of heaven. One heart, one mind, onevoice.